At Kamagra4u we adopt a simplified and standardised Refund and Returns Policy for complete peace of mind. The process is simple, hassle-free and is conveniently laid out below. Please read this page so that you are aware of what qualifies for a refund or return order. Kamagra4u will investigate and approve the request for a refund or return order of the delivery if:

  • The order is incorrect
  • The products or contents are compromised in quality  
  • It contains damaged or broken products upon arrival

The Refund and Returns Policy of Kamagra4u is in alignment with the online trading, pharmaceutical, and regional regulations practiced in the UK and the European Union.

Return Policy

Customers may want to request a return shipment if the order received is incorrect, is not up to the expected quality, or is damaged. In such events, Kamagra4u will provide full return shipment once the customer has contacted and notified the platform’s customer support team. Kamagra4u will usually require customers to forward or confirm relevant information, to validate their claim or request. The customer is advised to notify Kamagra4u immediately of any order discrepancy and send back the incorrect or compromised shipment. Kamagra4u will arrange for the defective or disputed package to be uplifted, but final arrangements can be confirmed once the issue has been logged with customer service.

NOTE: If the customer fails to lodge a complaint immediately upon opening the package or upon first use, and subsequently continues to use the product, then such request for a return shipment or refund will not be processed. If the damage is not due to the courier service, but occurred after delivery of the product has been taken, then a refund or return order cannot be lodged.

Refund Policy

Kamagra4u will process refunds in all instances mentioned above. If a customer receives the wrong shipment, poor quality, damaged, broken or missing shipment, then customer support should be contacted to lodge the request. Arrangements will also be made for the shipment in question to be returned within 7 days of reporting the issue. Once the shipment is received, Kamagra4u can process the refund. Kamagra4u further reserves the right to issue refunds at their discretion after investigating the dispute. Please note that Kamagra4u will not process any refund in cases where the customer provides incorrect details relating to personal information that results in the non-deliverability of their order. A user has to sign up with Kamagra4u in order to buy from the website, so it is vital that one provides correct information, especially for the current shipment address.

Charge Back Policy

Kamagra4u does not entertain charge backs. Customers will be held liable for all purchases and orders dispatched. All disputes are resolved via customer support. Should any malicious or unbecoming behaviour be detected on the site, Kamagra4u reserves the right to ban the responsible parties from using the store and other websites within its network.

WARNING: Cybercrime is a punishable offense and will be dealt with seriously.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need to log a request for a refund or return shipment, and you have read the above, kindly contact our customer support team ready to assist you 24/7. Some of your queries may already be answered online, simply visit our FAQ page to learn more now.