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Super P Force Jelly

What Is It?

These jelly sachets contain an effective, fast-acting medication for the treatment of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction at the same time. It is an equally effective and safe version of Super P Force tablets, yet is easier to swallow and has a faster rate of absorption. This makes it the preferred choice for men over the age of 18 suffering from this common sexual dysfunction, especially those who have difficulty swallowing pills. If you want an effective, fast acting FDA-approved solution to premature ejaculation, you can buy Super P Force online at affordable prices.

How Does Super P Force Jelly Treat Premature Ejaculation and ED Simultaneously?

The secret behind this drug’s efficiency in treating both ED and premature ejaculation lies in the presence of two effective active ingredients: sildenafil citrate 100mg and dapoxetine 60mg. Sildenafil citrate is the same compound behind the success of Viagra. It works by increasing the amount of blood flow to the penis by influencing the ratio of 2 enzymes in the body - PDE-5 and cGMP. Dapoxetine is referred to as a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). Serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for sending messages during sexual activity, so preventing its reuptake throughout the nervous system has the effect of giving more control over impulses to ejaculate.

How to Use this Medication

When you buy Super P Force online a maximum of one sachet should be taken in a 24 hour period, at least 1 to 2 hours before planned sexual activity. Effects generally last for up to 6 hours and this medication is best taken on an empty stomach. You should also avoid alcohol when taking it as alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of this medication. It does not have to be ingested with water, but it is advisable to keep well-hydrated to minimize any potential side effects.

What Precautions Should be Taken Before Using this Medication?

As is the case with any medication, it is advised that you familiarise yourself with the specific precautions necessary for optimum use of this product:

  • This treatment is not suitable for use by individuals under the age of 18. If you are older than 65, seek medical advice to determine if this medication is suitable for your use.
  • If you are taking medication containing nitrates, treatment for HIV or hepatitis, you should avoid taking this medication.
  • Avoid this medication if you have the following: an abnormally curved penis, angina, any heart conditions, anemia, abnormal blood pressure, and liver or kidney problems.
  • If you order Super P Force Jelly UK approved medication, make sure you do not consume grapefruit juice or any related products, as this may diminish the effectiveness of this medication.

If you need any further information regarding precautions and contraindications, look out for more detailed information in upcoming articles in our Blog postings.

Are there any Potential Side Effects?

When ordering Super P Force UK treatment, it may be reassuring to know that side effects are usually minimal and only last as long as the medication is present in the body. They will usually only be experienced if the medication is not taken correctly, so make sure that dosage and usage instructions are adhered to. This will also ensure that the medication works at its maximum effectiveness. Some mild side effects may nevertheless include back pain, facial flushing, mild headache, congestion of the nose and sensitivity to bright light.

Buy Super P Force Jellies Today in the UK

Our Super P Force UK customers can buy this medication from our online pharmacy prescription free and at incredibly low prices. Many people prefer online shopping because it offers affordable prices and a convenient shopping experience. Super P Force Jelly UK medication is available for less than £2 per sachet and gets cheaper if you buy them in larger batches.

When you purchase cheap Super P Force UK or EU customers can collectively benefit from fast, discreet, door to door delivery. UK orders will be delivered within 2-4 business days and EU orders should take between 4-7 working days on average. There is a dedicated customer care team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if you have any queries or concerns. If you want the best possible treatment available for ED and premature ejaculation, buy this medication online today!

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